At Solutechn we apply our experience, professionalism and passion for what we do with the aim of providing the solution that best suits your needs.


Wherever your data is stored, accessed or used, you can rely on Solutechn to provide the most effective encryption strategies.


The organizational satisfaction of fulfilling all our commitments raised, monitoring the satisfaction of our customers.


The team of engineers of our company will be happy to assist and advise you to carry out your project.

About us

Dedication, Solutions and Services

We offer technologies solutions to companies, professionals, administrations and private users, throughout the national territory; we maintain a firm commitment with our clients to fully satisfy their requirements and expectations.


What we offer

Our company is formed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers with extensive experience in the fields of computer science, electronics and financial automation. In Solutechn you will find a personalized, current and efficient advice. The advice you are looking for.


Manufacturing of electronic services. Rapid prototyping, short series or mass production.

Design and implementation

Business Intelligence services. Business Intelligence Analytics solutions for strategic decision making.


Web platform MSSQL servers/databases with application of the latest ASP, JSON, API, Python technologies.

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